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Request for Quotation for Cartridge for Panini Scanner for BRAC Bank
Request quotation for Interior Work of Anik Tower 6th floor
Request quotation for unit price of the office furniture for BRAC Bank
Request quotation of Ladder for BRAC Bank
Request quotation of Stand Fan for BRAC Bank
RFP for DLP Solutions
Request quotation for Interior Work of Keranigonj SMEUO renovation
Request for Quotation for PB Cake Box
Request quotation for Interior Work of Elephant Road & Munshigonj SMEUO
Request quotation for Interior Work of Syedpur Branch&SME Unit Office renovation & Chowmohoni Bra
Request quotation for Interior Work of Uttara SME Branch renovation & Nawabpur Branch Renovation
Request for Quotation for Basic Mobile Set PR-25463
Quotation for Cisco Router - Cisco C891F-K9 Router
Quotation for Link Connectivity for Different ATM connectivity
Quotation for Hardware Security Module for for Cards System
Request for Quotation for Cisco Router
RFP for Interior Works of Parveen Villa Training Centre
Request for Quotation for Online UPS
Request for Quotation for 650 VA UPS
Request for Quotation for Card Pouch Box
Stationery, Tea bar & Cleaning ( Annex-A)
Board Bazar Branch Relocation
PA System
Savar Branch Relocation
TARA Platinum Card Box RFQ
Quotation for 86 inch Television
65 inch LED Television
Quotation for Floor Type AC for BRAC Bank
Quotation for Network Consumable items and Services for BRAC Bank Limited
Quotation for projector Screen and other related accessories for BRAC Bank
Quotation for Printing items for BRAC Bank Limited
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Photocopy of Trade License
Photocopy of VAT Registration certificate
Photocopy of TIN certificate
Photocopy of BIN Certificate
Photocopy of Memorandum of Article (For Limited Company)
Partnership Deed (For Partnership Company)
Bank Solvency Certificate
Other Relevant Documents
Experience certificate if available
Details descriptions of products/services with catalogue/brochures if available
Existing Clients list
Organization Structure with the names of contact persons with contact details
Distribution Networks if available
Service Centers Networks if available
Manufacturerís Authorization Documents (if applicable)
Any other relevant documents associate with your Business.
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