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Triple Benefits Savings Account
Triple Benefits Savings Account offers a high interest rate of up to 5.0% p.a. Interest is credited to the account every month on average monthly balance. The minimum balance required for account opening is BDT 50,000
Interest Rate:
Monthly average balance Rate
Below BDT 50,000 0%
BDT 50,000 to less than BDT 5 lac 1%
BDT 5 lac to less than BDT 25 lac 2%
BDT 25 lac & above 5%
Monthly average balance of BDT 50,000 & above will be eligible for interest. Interest forfeiture rules are not applicable for this account. There is no Annual Debit Card Fee, if yearly average balance BDT 50,000 or above is maintained, otherwise BDT 600+VAT will be charged on anniversary. There is no Half Yearly Account Maintenance Fee for this account if half yearly average balance is BDT 50,000 & above. However, BDT 300 + VAT will be charged if half yearly average balance is above BDT 25,000 to below BDT 50,000; BDT 100 + VAT will be charged if half yearly average balance is above BDT 5,000 to BDT 25,000. The account offers the first cheque book of 12 pages free of charge.
Key Features
Account opening balance: BDT 50,000 only
Interest rate of up to 5% p.a., credited to the account every month
No Debit Card fee, subject to fulfillment of criteria
No upfront Fee
Free first cheque book of 12 pages
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