BRAC Bank 1st Quarter Earnings Disclosure 2017


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Board of Directors
Management Committee
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Selim R. F. Hussain
Selim R. F. Hussain
Managing Director & CEO
A. K. Joaddar Chowdhury Akhtar Asif Brigadier General Tushar Kanti Chakma Tareq Refat Ullah Khan
A. K. Joaddar
Deputy Managing Director & CFO
Chowdhury Akhtar Asif
Deputy Managing Director & CRO
Brigadier General Tushar Kanti Chakma (Retd.)
Head of GSS & Procurement
Tareq Refat Ullah Khan
Head of Corporate Banking
Rais Uddin Ahmad Syed Abdul Momen Md. Shaheen Iqbal Bilquis Jahan
Rais Uddin Ahmad
Company Secretary,
Head of Regulatory Affairs & CAMLCO
Syed Abdul Momen
Acting Head of SME Banking
Md. Shaheen Iqbal
Head of Treasury & Financial Institutions
Bilquis Jahan
Head of Human Resources
Nazmur Rahim Muniruzzaman Molla Shyamol B. Das Zara Jabeen Mahbub
Nazmur Rahim
Head of Retail Banking
Muniruzzaman Molla
Head of Operations
Shyamol B. Das
Head of Technology
Zara Jabeen Mahbub
Head of Communication
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