BRAC Bank 1st Quarter Earnings Disclosure 2017


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Secured Loan/Overdraft
Schedule of Charges for Retail Lending
Home Loan
Product Type & purpose
Home Loan
Financing against purchase of your under-construction / semi-completed / completed / secondhand Apartment of house
Home Credit
Financing against renovation / extension / construction of your own home
Financing against transfer of the current balance of your existing housing loan to BRAC Bank
Customer Segment & Eligibility
Salaried Individuals
Total job experience s minimum 3 years & must be permanent in current job
Minimum income is BDT 25000
Businessmen / Self Employed individuals / Landlords
Owner / Director of Proprietorship / Partnership / Private Limited Company
Total business experience is minimum 3 years
Minimum income is BDT 30000
Product Features
Interest rate starting from 8.75%*
Owner of the property must be the main borrower
Mortgage Property location
Property Must be
Applicants must be a permanent resident of Bangladesh
Minimum age of 25 years & maximum age of 65 years at the time of maturity
Competitive Interest Rate
Maximum loan tenure is 25 years*
Property mast be located within any city corporation municipality area
Common Documents
Latest 1 year personal bank statement
Latest Tax clearance certificate /return receipt of tax*
- Photocopy of National ID Card / Passport
- Letter/ Allotment Agreement/ Byna Deed for Home Loan
- Registered ownership deed for Home Credit / Take Over Loan
- Price quotation for Home Credit Loan
Salaried individuals
Letter of introduction (LOl)
Latest 01 year salary account statement
Trade License for last 3 years
Latest 01 year bank statement of the company
Registered partnership deed for Partnership Company
IMOA+ Certificate of incorporation+ Latest Schedule X for Private Limited Company
Certificate of membership of respective professional association
Declaration on self-pad along with seal
Certificate of a professional degree
Land Lord
Registered ownership deed
Rental deed
Copy of any utility bill (Electricity/ Water/Gas)
* Conditions Apply
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