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Credit Card Terms & Conditions
VISA/Master Classic
Visa/Master Credit Card is valid only in Bangladesh. It can only be used in local currency (BDT) within the country. This type of credit card has a limit ranging from BDT 10,000 to BDT 75,000.
Annual fee is your choice
Now payment of Annual fee for your Credit Card is totally your choice. BRAC Bank allows you to pay no Annual fee as long as you transact at least 18 times (including 10 POS transactions) in a physical year. It's your Card, your choice.
Card cheque Facility
With BRAC Bank Credit Card now you can enjoy cheque facility against your credit card limit. You can make payment (account payee only) to any person or organization where Credit Card facility is not available. You can use your 100% limit through Card cheque with a minimum processing fee. You will get your first cheque book absolutely for free.
FAST Rewards Program
A special loyalty program that allows you to earn some points every time whenever you spend your money through POS with your Credit Card in Bangladesh only. For every Tk. 50 spent through POS on your credit Card, you get the opportunity to earn 1 Reward point. The accumulated Reward Points can be redeemed against exciting gift items from our Reward Catalogue. The enrollment of this program is free.
e-Statement Service
BRAC Bank brings more convenience for you through e-statement that will enable you to receive your monthly Credit Card statement via e-mail and this is absolutely free. No doubt nowadays e-statement is the fastest, reliable and efficient service, which ultimately minimizes your paper work and maximizes your convenience. E-Statement will be sent maximum up to 3 (Three) e-mail addresses. For enrollment you have to fill up the enrollment form and send /drop it to any branch of BRAC Bank.
Balance Transfer
BRAC Bank brings Balance Transfer facility for its Cardholders; if you have other bank Credit Card then you have the option to transfer your current outstanding balance at a much cheaper rate of 22% to your BRAC Bank Credit Card. The processing fee for Balance transfer is 2% or 150 + VAT whichever is higher.
Credit Shield Facility
Credit shield facility is a triple benefits Insurance Plan for the BRAC Bank Cardholders. The entire dues on the Credit Card, in the event of death or permanent total disability of BRAC Bank credit Cardholder, will be waived and the cardholder or his/her family will receive equal amount to meet immediate expenses. For any kind of accidental death, gold card holder is covered up to BDT 2-lacs and Classic Cardholder up to BDT 1 lac – under Credit Shield. A very nominal charge of 0.35 paisa for every TK.100/- of your Credit Card outstanding balance will be applicable for this coverage.
Extensive SMS Service & Transaction Alert
BRAC Bank SMS Service is the simplest way to find out your Credit Card details through your mobile. This includes Push & Pull service which you can avail free of cost. Through Pull Service you can access to your Credit Card information from anywhere anytime within Bangladesh. Through Push service BRAC Bank provides you with information on your BRAC Bank Card even when you are on the move. Now you would no longer miss a payment or exhaust your Credit limit without any warning.
For the first time in Bangladesh, BRAC Bank brings you an extensive Transaction Alert Service for its Cardholders. BRAC Bank Transaction Alert - a service that allows you to stay updated on your Credit Card transactions. For each predefined transaction an alert will be generated and sent to your mobile instantly. Only a nominal monthly fee of BDT 5+VAT will be charged for this service.
Real Time Payment Update
Now you can avail your limit within a short time after making payment. Through IVR & ATM you can instantly refresh your limit upon making payment. As for cash payment, limit will be refreshed within 2 hours during weekdays and end of the day during weekends.
[email protected] Flex
This is an installment program that allows BRAC Bank Credit Cardholders to convert any retail transaction of BDT 3000 and above into an easy and convenient repayment schedule only @ 16.95%. The tenor varies between 3-36 months. You can also purchase your items of choice from some of our selected [email protected] Flex partner outlets and payback in easy monthly installment without any interest. The tenor varies between 3-18 months.
Immediate Cash Advance Facility
You don't need to worry about carrying cash anywhere – not even on a foreign trip where there is no one to give you hard cash at times of your need. You can withdraw cash up to 50% of your Credit Limit from any of our branches or any ATMs with VISA/Master Logo across the country and outside the country.
Worldwide Acceptance
Our Credit Card is accepted at over 5,000 outlets across the country and over 24 million VISA/Master outlets worldwide. Use your Credit Card for everyday purchases as well as high valued transactions with wide range of products and services including hotels, restaurants, airlines, travel agents, shopping malls, department stores, hospitals, diagnostic centers, jewelers, electronics, computer shops and many more! This number is increasing rapidly to cater your growing needs. So, no matter where you are in the world BRAC Bank Credit Card gives you the power to purchase whatever you desire for.
Global Emergency Assistance Facility
When you travel abroad, please remember that you have the option of using the Global Emergency Assistance Service provided by the VISA/Master for our cardholders. These can be availed for: 1. Reporting Lost/ Stolen Credit Cards 2. Requesting for emergency card replacement 3. Emergency Cash Advance and 4. Miscellaneous enquiries. The toll free telephone numbers for accessing these emergency assistance Help line are available in local telephone directories/yellow pages and other local listings in each country.
Supplementary Card
With BRAC Bank credit Card you can share the exclusive benefits with your dearest and nearest one through providing supplementary card. As a primary cardholder you can also set spending limits for each of your supplementary cards. For your convenience all transactions on your Supplementary Card will be shown separately on your monthly Credit Card statement.
Convenient Payment option
When you receive your bill, you need not pay the entire bill amount. You have the flexibility of selecting any of the following payment options:
Pay the total amount due.
Pay the minimum amount due (5% of your total outstanding or BDT 500 whichever is higher of local card and for Dual card 5% of your outstanding or USD 10 whichever is higher) and the balance is carried forward to subsequent statements.
You can pay your payment conveniently, without creating any extra pressure on your finances.
Auto debit option
If you have an account with any BRAC Bank branch, you have the option of making the payment of your monthly credit statement (either minimum amount due or total due amount) directly through your bank account.
Self set limit
BRAC Bank Credit Card allows you to set your own card limit .You can request for a limit lower than what you are eligible for. You can even preset the monthly spending limits on the supplementary card. Any transaction above that specific spending limit will be declined.
BRAC Bank 24-hours Call Center
We offer Customer Services 24-hours a day, 7 days a week through our State-of–the Art Call Center and experienced customer service staffs. BRAC Bank Call Center facility provides you one stop solution for your banking needs.
Alternative Payment channels
BRAC Bank provides you different payment channels. Now you don’t need to wait in queue to pay your credit card bill. You can easily pay your credit card bill through Cash Deposit Machine, ATM or through IVR (interactive voice recorder) and even through Internet Banking. For IVR, ATM & Internet Banking you need to have an account with BRAC Bank.
Internet Banking
We understand the pressures on your time. For you to get information when you need it and where you need it, we offer you access to BRAC Bank Credit Card related information through the Internet at You can also clear your Credit Card bills via Internet Banking from you BRAC Bank account. Please visit our branch or call our Phone Banking to learn about the enrollment.
For any banking needs please call 24 Hour Call Center 16221 or e-mail us at [email protected]
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