BRAC Bank Earnings Disclosure Q3 2017


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Discount on CNG Conversion at Intraco CNG Ltd
You can now reduce your fuel expenses by converting your vehicle into CNG at Intraco CNG Limited and enjoy an instant 10% discount on the regular price on your BRAC Bank Cards (Debit Card & Credit Card).
For more information, please call BRAC Bank 24 Hour Call Center 16221
You may also receive all the detailed information right from Intraco by getting in touch with the below contact points:
Intraco CNG Conversion
House: 40, Rd-09, Baridhara Block- J,
Pragati Sarani, Dhaka.
Contact Mr. Jalil (01195010617) 9881263
Intraco CNG Conversion
Ka-33/1, Pragati Sarani,
Kuril, Dhaka -1229
Contact Mr. Nasir (01195010576), 8415972, 8411964
Intraco CNG Conversion
17/B West Panthapath,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka.
Contact Mr. Tisty Al Kamal (01195010605)
Intraco CNG Conversion
2369/2808/ Baparipar
Agrabad Access Road, Chittagong
Contact: Mr. Babul Miah 01195010620
16221 +880 2 55668056 (Overseas Callers)
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